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სხვა მნიშვნელოვანი ინფორმაცია


By the ordinance of the Prime Minister of Georgia, from September 11th, 2023 citizens of the People’s Republic of China (including passport holders of Hong Kong and Macao SAR) may enter and stay in Georgia without visa for 30 days for tourism purposes only.

In order to obtain information about other categories of Georgian Visa, please visit: 

Visiting Occupied Territories of Georgia:

Foreign citizens and stateless persons are allowed to enter the occupied territories of Georgia (Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Tskhinvali Region) only through the below route:

  1. Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia – from Zugdidi municipality direction;
  2. Tskhinvali Region (the territories of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Region) – from Gori municipality direction.

Entry to the occupied territories by foreign citizens and stateless persons from any other direction, except from those defined, is prohibited and punishable under the Criminal Code of Georgia.

At the border:

Foreign Citizens and stateless persons are able to enter Georgia through official border checkpoints (including seaports and international airports).


The Embassy of Georgia to the People’s Republic of China would like to advise to hold travel insurance and accommodation details at the border checkpoints.

Other useful information:

Border Crossing:

Passenger rights:'s%20rights.pdf

Clearance of Goods at the Customs Checkpoint:

Prohibited and Permitted Medicines:

Exemption of Goods from Duties and Declaring:

Benefits and Prohibitions during Phytosanitary and Veterinary Control:

Simplified Means of Clearance of Goods:


Crossing the border with personal vehicle:

In case if citizens of the People’s Republic of China are willing to travel to Georgia with a personal vehicle, they should provide following documents to the border checkpoint:

  1. National passport;
  2. National driver’s license (a foreign driver’s license can be used on the territory of Georgia for 365 calendar days);
  3. A vehicle registration document;
  4. A document of the legal ownership of the vehicle (if vehicle registration document is not confirming this fact). 

A foreign registered vehicle can stay in Georgia without custom clearance for 60 days only.

Note: All abovementioned foreign documents, except National Passport, should be translated into English or Georgian and legalized or apostilled by the relevant authorities of the PRC.

Driver’s license:

In case if citizens of People’s Republic of China are willing to exchange a driver's license in Georgia, they should apply to the any service agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and provide following documents:

  1. National Passport or Residence permit;
  2. National valid driver’s license issued by the foreign state;
  3. Confirmation of the driver’s license with an indication of the category (the document should to be translated into English and legalized or apostilled by the relevant authorities of the PRC, with validity of not less than 90 days);
  4. Health Certificate (Form IV-100/a, can be obtained in any medical center in Georgia);
  5. Service fee (15 GEL) will be paid on a spot and has to be attached to the set of the abovementioned documents.

* A new driver’s license is issued within minutes.

In order to obtain further information about custom regulations, please, visit: